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Accessories - Turning Light (Front & Rear)

No. Part Number Part Name
1 BA5-622000-10 The former right-turn light
2 BA5-622502-10 Turn signal jacket
3 BGB15766.1-2VR10W Bulb 12V10W R10W
4 BA5-642000-10 After the right turn lamp
5 BA5-621000-10 The former left-turn light
6 BA5-621502-10 Turn signal jacket
7 BA5-641000-10 After the left turn signal
8 BGB15766.1-12VR10W Bulb 12V 10W R10W
9 BGB/T6177.1-M10×1.25-31 Screw
10 BA5-641601-10 Turn signal stalk Installation