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Accessories - Front Fork

No. Part Number Part Name
1 BA0-023000-10 Headlamp bracket
2 BGB/T9074.17-M10×40-31 Bolt Combination
3 CE3-200401-0 Front brake pipe clip on the
4 ZA0-011000-F6 Reflector
5 BGB/T6170-M6-32 Hex Nuts
6 BGB/T97.1-6-32 Flat washer
7 CE3-201000-0 Steering column
8 CE0-000704-0 Cable Card
9 BGB/T16674.1-M6×16-31 Bolt
10 CE3-512000-0 Right front shock absorber
11 CE3-511000-0 Left front shock absorber
12 CE0-000005-0 Riser shaft nut
13 CE0-000510-0 Shield
14 CE0-000004-0 On the bearing ring
15 CE0-000008-0 Combination of the Cage
16 CE0-000006-0 On the bearing ring
17 CE0-000007-0 Under the bearing ring
18 CE0-000009-0 Under the Portfolio Holder
19 Under the Portfolio Holder Next Bearing Circlip
20 BGB/T70.1-M8×55-3B Screw
21 BGB/T819.1-M6×12-0B Screw
22 BA0-000507-10 Master switch box
23 CE3-200701-0 The direction of stud
24 CE3-200402-0 Steering column gasket
25 CE3-511001-0 Plug
26 CE3-511601-0 O-ring
27 CE3-200201-0 The gripper
28 CE3-200202-0 Under Gripper
29 BGB/T16674.1-M8×12-31 Bolt
30 BA3-204000-0 Handle Block Combination